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Undercover Agents

Do you need someone watched? Do you need photos or video evidence of someone? Our field agents are used by individuals, government and private companies. Akran Security's success is proven in our ability to gather incriminating evidence on suspects of interest to our clients.

Both government agencies and private companies are routinely involved with Akran Security in running undercover operations. Government organizations and private firms typically rely on our agents to uncover valuable information. Larger state/provincial and federal agencies depend on our resources to mount more extensive infiltration efforts. Major efforts sometimes entail a team approach, with extensive backup equipment, personnel and logistical support to exploit the information provided by our undercover operatives and expand their ability to gather evidence. Agents use a wide variety of vehicles (usually confiscated) to allow unobtrusive surveillance.

The sophistication of undercover operations has made it difficult to spot these people: Our agents can look and sound like anyone. They blend in naturally to avoid detection. We use the most sophisticated and up-to-date high-tech surveillance and communication equipment and most successful techniques to infiltrate targets and uncover the evidence you need. Undercover operations are tightly compartmentalized within Akran Security to prevent potential breaches of security or leaks. All our cover agents are equipped with false IDs and a skeleton of personal history.

Measures taken against targets include the following:

  • Physical surveillance of a suspect and his/her residence.
  • Video surveillance of a residence by cameras hidden in parked vehicles or nearby buildings.
  • Remote video surveillance.
  • Trash searching for incriminating items (trash may be retrieved later from the trash truck after normal pickup).
  • A"pen register" or tap bug may be installed on the suspect's phone line.
  • Bank records and background may be scrutinized for incriminating signs.
  • A locator may be secured to the underside of a suspect's vehicle. Such a device allows surveillance vehicles to track the suspect's movements from a safe distance so as not to betray the agents presence.
  • Undercover operatives can turn people to become confidential informants, or"CIs".
  • Undercover operatives can infiltrate a target group to gather incriminating evidence.

Akran Security is here to help you get the inside information and upper hand on suspects. Contact us today.