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Locate Hidden Assets

Akran Security Services has compiled the largest database of public information in the United States and Canada. Our research capabilities can be used to maximize the value of your legal actions, make informed personal decisions, or monitor business activities. Our staff of former federal agents stands ready to research hard-to-find information so that you can determine the current assets and liabilities of individuals and corporations in an effort to recover tangible and liquid assets and determine actual worth.

Akran Security will help you identify and value real estate, investments, and businesses owned by someone else. Asset searches are critical in divorce cases, civil lawsuits, and business partnerships. In a divorce, it is essential to establish whether your cheating spouse has any hidden assets that he/she has not informed you about, to ensure that you get what you are entitled to in a settlement.

Our detectives have conducted thousands of financial investigations, both foreign and domestic. We have recovered millions of dollars for attorneys, corporations, regulatory agencies and private clients. Our cases range from individual settlements, through to small business debts, to multi-million dollar, global 1000 judgments.