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Counter Surveillance

ELECTRONIC LISTENING DEVICES can be monitoring your rooms and telephones from miles away. It doesn't take a genius or thousands of dollars to eavesdrop on your most confidential conversations. Police grade bugs and telephone taps have been openly sold in Canada and United States. And, they do the job very effectively!

As you read this, bugs and telephone taps of all types are being offered to the general public and countless individuals and firms are being damaged by having their actions and conversation revealed. Private conversations everywhere are being overheard, monitored and recorded. Fax and computer transmissions are regularly intercepted by eavesdropping transmitters.

Almost without exception, after the fact, the victims make a statement something along the lines of "But I never thought it could happen to me!" We help you make certain it doesn't. If you require Guaranteed Protection against Electronic Telephone Monitoring devices and also require Complete Confidential Privacy in certain rooms and areas, we invite your inquiries. We will provide you with the best solutions available to ensure your privacy is secure.