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Deadbeat Dads

Akran Security can help you find deadbeat dads. The locating of deadbeat dad for the collection of child support can be difficult without the assistance of professional investigators that specialize in this area of investigation. If you're in that situation, we can help you.

Akran Security has an extensive background in locating non-custodial parents for the collection of child support. We can track down deadbeat dads to provide their current address and place of employment so that you can force them to meet their obligations through legal means.

We offer several inexpensive "Missing Person" search options based on SSN/SSI, or Name and Date of Birth, or Name and Previous Address. We are proficient at conducting telephone traces that can find the physical address of any phone number in North America. Investigators can use informants and persuasion tactics to influence parents and others in contact with a deadbeat dad to volunteer information as to their whereabouts.

We invite you to contact us for more information and assistance.