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Electronic Debugging & Sweeping

Do you believe you are being bugged or videotaped remotely? While anyone can be the target of bugging, some people run a greater risk than others because of their occupation, financial position, social ties, or domestic situation.

  • Spouses bug each other on a regular basis.
  • Nosy neighbors can bug your phones.
  • Parents bug their children.
  • Business people often bug other business people.
  • Scientists bug other scientists.
  • Students bug professors.
  • Attorneys frequently bug other attorneys (and their clients).
  • Insurance companies will bug or follow accident victims.
  • Construction companies bug other construction companies.
  • Salesmen have been known to bug clients.
  • Collection agencies bug debtors.
  • Police officers bug and follow suspects.
  • Executive recruiters bug personnel directors.

If you are worried that you are being investigated, call our office from a pay phone preferably some distance from your home. Do not call us from your home telephone.

We can search for bugs and cameras using various techniques, many of them transparent to those doing the monitoring. Here are just some of the services we offer in Counter Surveillance:

  • Analysis of all RF/electromagnetic emanations from 10 Hz to above 21 GHz.
  • Active and passive light spectra examined from 250 nm to 1750 nm.
  • Inspection of all outlets, switches, and lighting for VLF/RF devices.
  • Inspection of all PBX, LAN, and WAN connections and equipment.
  • All computers audited and checked for security anomalies.
  • Evaluation of all computers network facilities and associated cabling.
  • Inspection of all photocopier, fax, and other imaging equipment.
  • Inspection of all fiber optic connections and cabling.
  • All phone lines inspected and verified back to the central office.
  • Evaluation of all locks, safes, and physical security devices.

Most activities will overlap to provide complete coverage.

Call Akran Security today and take back your privacy.