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Divorce Evidence

Find out if your partner has a history that he or she is not telling you about. Akran Security can search for criminal, past marriage and divorce records so you can rest assured that your partner is being honest with you.

Our investigators will attempt to develop investigative evidence that you or your attorney can use, in or out of court, against the person being investigated. Surveillance, background data and other investigative skills may be required to uncover valuable information.

A licensed investigator shall meet with you (by phone or in person) to discuss your case and sensitive investigative details. Our investigators will advise you of on best-approach plans for conducting the investigation. We will also consult with your attorney if you advise us to do so. If required, we will testify in open court as to the investigative evidence obtained in the field.

All consultations with and clients of Akran Security are strictly confidential. The investigator that meets with you during the consultation shall review all fees and answer all your questions. Consultation fees and retainers shall be determined at the time of consultation. A signed Contract and Retainer Agreement is required. A one hour personal consultation fee is required if client does not retain our services.