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Employment Check

As an employer or human resource professional, you already know how much damage a bad hire can cause and how difficult it is to get rid a under-performing employee. Strengthen your screening process by adding a criminal and background employment check by Akran Security.

It only makes sense to hire the right people and avoid business disruptions, inappropriate behavior, endangering co-workers, liability, litigation, theft and fraud by employing a quality employee screening agency.

Make sure employees can be trusted before they handle your company's finances. We provide a comprehensive background report on potential and existing employees or other people whose services your company is interested in.

In addition, Akran Security can also find out if someone has filed past Worker's Compensation claims. Our search can reveal the following details:

  • Case Number
  • Date of Incident
  • Status of Claim
  • Type of Injury
  • Employer at Time of Incident

Contact us for further information. We invite your inquiries.