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Criminal & Fraud Investigations

We can perform various searches at different levels of government to find out if someone has a criminal history.

  • County Search: The most current criminal charges from misdemeanors to felonies as well as warrants issued.
  • State/Provincial Search: Arrest records of individual.
  • Department of Corrections Search: Records of incarceration and parole.
  • Federal Criminal Search: Federal criminal records; primary charges at this level are fraud, weapons, drugs, interstate and white collar crimes.

Criminal Investigation

Akran Security specializes in areas such as white collar crimes, computer crimes, fraud, money laundering, missing persons and auto theft investigations. Our electronic surveillance capabilities greatly enhance the capacity of investigators to gather evidence.

We investigate cold cases. Over time technology improves and evidence often reveals itself that may have been unavailable to the original investigating authorities. Often individuals experience a change in motivation that creates an opportunity for later researchers to see a pattern otherwise invisible. Experienced private investigator at Akran Security, knows how to put together hidden pieces of the puzzle.

Fraud Investigation

In the modern transaction oriented North American economy, fraud is increasingly at a rate of 14% per year according to American Banker. The National Check Fraud Center reports that check fraud and counterfeiting are among the fastest-growing crimes affecting the nation's financial system, producing estimated annual losses exceeding $10 billion with the number continuing to rise at an alarming rate each year.

The legal definition of fraud includes the following five basic elements:

  • False Representation: Charging for services not rendered, a patient that was never seen, false diagnoses, false repair, etc.
  • Knowledge of its Falsity: The person providing the information has knowledge that it is false.
  • Intent to Defraud: The person providing the information is doing it with the specific intent to defrauding a victim.
  • Justifiable Reliance by the Intended Victim: The victim pays based on false knowledge.
  • Resulting Damage: Monetary or other loss resulting from the fraudulent action.

If you believe that you've become a victim of fraud and require corporate fraud investigation to recover your money, Contact Akran Security.