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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance fraud evidenceInsurance fraud is any act knowingly committed by a person with the intent to obtain a benefit by deceiving an insurer. It may be committed by applicants for insurance, policy holders, third-party claimants and professionals who provide service to claimants. Common acts of fraud include inflating actual claims, misrepresenting facts on an insurance application, submitting claims for injuries or damage that never occurred, and staging accidents.

The real victims are you and other individuals who pay increased premiums. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that the average American household pays more than $1,000 a year in additional premiums to cover the cost of insurance fraud. It has been estimated that as much as $80 billion dollars were lost last year to this crime. It affects personal, commercial and government interests. The techniques used to bilk individuals and institutions out of millions can be subtle and complex.

Akran Security has experience on a number of levels in investigating insurance fraud and can help you recover assets and identify the amateurs and professionals engaged in these activities.