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Remote Monitoring

More than ever before, business and industry today is faced with rapidly changing market dynamics, a fierce competitive landscape, and a constant need to improve financial performance. You can achieve potentially significant gains in operational efficiency, risk reduction, environmental performance, and capital expenditure avoidance, by harnessing the power of the worldwide web and associated high-tech products and services offered by Akran Security.

Akran Security uses CCTV technology and high speed Internet access to provide a comprehensive and complete security and video surveillance system. We provide motion detection, video logging, email or FTP alert, broadcasting and more. You have the option of operating in stealth mode or alert mode.

Real time remote video surveillance helps secures your premises while allowing you to monitor the location from any computer with Internet access worldwide 24 hours a day.

We will provide you with best remote monitoring system for your needs and budgets. Common features include:

  • motion detection
  • True video clips and maximum compressed.
  • Real-time remote viewing software.
  • Remote video surveillance using by phone line and Internet connections.
  • Control over set sensitivity, duration of capturing plus many other options.
  • Alarm features.
  • Internet broadcasting capability.
  • Armed alarm and hidden/stealth mode.
  • Password protection.
  • Auto start options and remote control for monitoring, listening or broadcasting.
  • Scheduling option to automatically run the remote system at a preset time for a set duration.
  • Easy of use, including a user-friendly, comprehensive control interface rich with features.
  • Akran Security's quick-access technical support.

For more information, see CCTV. We invite your inquiries.