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Spousal and Teen Activity

Spousal Surveillance and Evidence Gathering

Suspect your spouse of cheating? Here are the most obvious signs that you may be right:

  • Purchase of "guilt" gifts [spouse provides gift(s) for no apparent reason].
  • An increased desire for privacy, especially when your spouse is on the Internet or telephone.
  • Your spouse displays an increased concern for his or her looks.
  • New credit card, calling card, unexplained payments on credit card(s) and bank statements.
  • Spouse subtly starts asking about your schedule more often than usual.

If your spouse displays two or more of these signs and your intuition tells you something is wrong, Call us and we will:

  • Analyze your recent telephone bills and provide a detailed credit card report history.
  • Check your computer for evidence and install spy software to gather future evidence.
  • Conduct surveillance of your spouse to document his or her activities.
  • Photograph or videotape incriminating activities, if they exists.
  • Identify other involved parties.
  • And provide additional effective options.

Please call for a free consultation. The work we do with you will be completely confidential, and we will take every step necessary to ensure the covert nature of the surveillance.

Surveillance of Teen Activity

Need to find out if your teen is involved in risky or criminal behaviour? Akran Security provides complete discretion while obtaining the information you need to be an informed and involved parent in your teenager's life, before it may be too late.

Our undercover operatives are highly proficient in covert video/audio surveillance. We use digital video cameras, including cameras with night vision capability, telephoto lenses, and a complete range of remote surveillance equipment and audio video transmitters to capture the activities of teen subjects. Experienced undercover agents and state-of-the-art concealment, pinhole, covert video cameras, inferred technology and GPS/cellular locators give our clients the edge when it comes to retrieving valuable information from surveillance.

Our work has helped to keep many parents informed so they could take the necessary actions to guide their teens back on the track to becoming productive, well-adjusted adults before it is too late.