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Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting is a reflection of intellectual, emotional and social capacities of people. When you look at someone's writing – a memo, a greeting card, a signature on a contract, an anonymous note in the news or even graffiti on a wall, have you ever wondered what is really going on in the mind of the person who penned it?

The strokes of a person's pen can reveal how they think, what they're good at and who they are. It can answer whether a person is extroverted or introverted, agitated or emotionally stable, a problem solver or processor. It provides insight into personality characteristics, such as whether a person is artistic or strategic, a team player or loner. It reveals a person's aptitude and can answer whether an employee or student would be better at research or sales and marketing. The answer to these questions and much more are revealed by handwriting. The accuracy and depth of interpretation is only limited by knowledge, training and experience. For the skeptics among you, consider that handwriting examination has long been used to detect forgeries, fraud and an anonymous writer's identity.

Handwriting evaluations are being used to help find the right person for the right job, recognize promotion potential, ease management alignment and promote conflict resolutions. In the courtroom, handwriting examiners assist in jury selection and trial consulting. Most important of all, handwriting assessment is beneficial for personal growth and development. Handwriting has been used in Europe for the last century, and it has been referred to as far back as the Renaissance. Increasingly, its use is gaining momentum in human resource and personnel offices, in small and large businesses, in classrooms, boardrooms, green rooms, courtrooms and police department.

We have professional handwriting and document examiners who advise legal, corporate and individual clients around the world. Their unique ability to discern exacting information about the characteristics of a person through the examination of their handwriting has been used in all aspects of handwriting evaluations and document examination.