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Pornography Activity

For parents, one of the most disturbing aspects of the Internet is the easy access it gives kids to pornography. Hard-core sexual images, which were once very difficult to acquire, are now just a mouse click away. It's important, however, to put Internet pornography into context. Online pornography is part of a larger picture, where "sexualized" images of young people are increasingly used to sell everything from perfume to clothing. Kids are also exposed to explicit sexual material in the video games they play, the magazines they read and the movies and TV shows they watch.

Online pornography can grab a person's attention largely because of the aggressive marketing techniques that adult sites employ. Yet, in spite of all the sexually explicit pop-up windows, e-mail spam and search results, pornographic sites actually make up a very small portion of Internet content.

If you think that your spouse, partner, or children are indulging in such activities we can help you out find out. Akran Security has all the latest equipment to track such activities.