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Polygraph examinations are an extremely useful tool in establishing whether a person is telling truthfulness or lying. These tests offer benefits in domestic, government and corporate contexts. Cardiovascular, electrodermal and respiratory (heart, skin and breath) patterns are closely examined by highly trained professionals after pre- and post-test interviews. Polygraph tests can be used to confirm a person's innocence and as a indicator of guild; however, a polygraph test cannot be used to establish guilt.

Akran Security's professional polygraph technicians offer you a profound edge in several contentious situations that require knowledge as to whether a person is telling the truth. Lie detectors have been used for the following reasons:

  • Civil Investigations.
  • Criminal Investigations.
  • Employee Investigations, Theft and Pre-Employment.
  • Corporate and Government Internal Investigations.
  • Corporate Issues including Sexual Harassment and Drug Use.
  • Infidelity Investigations and Domestic Issues.

Contact Akran security if you are in a situation that requires polygraph testing.